I’m Nick.


Welcome to my site. I do a few different things in and around Akron, Ohio. I figured it was about time I had a site that would serve as a kind of public journal. Maybe this way I’ll keep to my commitment to write more.

Head over to Thoughts for some random musings.

The major things I’m working on are all listed under the Projects tab.

A brief bio:

I describe myself as a recovering equity analyst who, after spending two years at a Wall St. firm, turned my focus to my passions: startups, tech, and Akron. I’ve founded a number of startups, worked as a financial analyst at a commercial construction firm, and advised hedge and pension funds on equity strategies. I graduated from Kent State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in finance.


After leaving college I spent time working as a financial analyst for an Akron commercial construction firm where I helped manage the firm through the aftermath of the Great Recession.


In 2011 I left the construction firm to accept an equity analyst position at Longbow Research. Here I covered large public companies in the semiconductor and enterprise software spaces.


In 2013 I saw an opportunity and purchased Office Space Coworking. While this business did an excellent job of servicing large corporate clients, Akron’s startup and freelancer communities had a glaring need: a space where they could meet and collaborate.


In early 2014 I founded OSC Tech Lab, located in downtown Akron, and it wasn’t long before new communities began to spring up around the space. Groups and events like Akron.IO, Akron Women in Tech, SparkAK, Creativity Cubed, SunDown RunDown, and Startup Akron, AkronVR, and UX Akron emerged. I made it a priority to support these groups through providing space at the Tech Lab, event planning, and promotional assistance.


I decided it was time to formally pull the city’s various startups and resources together into a singular community and in January of 2015 Launch League was born. By closely following the Boulder thesis (crafted by Brad Feld) I’m working with a great team to create a thriving startup ecosystem in Akron.


In early 2016, over a few beers with an old friend from my equity analyst days, we got to talking again about starting that research business we had often discussed. I had another friend with a deep background in publishing so I got the two together and we began to develop a strategy for a hyper-local economic research firm. From the beginning we wanted something that would be accessible to local firms of all sizes. If we did our jobs correctly, our work would help a number of local companies make better decisions while removing some risk from their strategic planning processes. We formally began working on our project in May 2016 and named it Promethean Research.